Mexico: an emerging giant caught into a strategic “trap” of NAFTA
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Mexico: an emerging giant caught into a strategic “trap” of NAFTA
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The last decade of the past century was a crucial period for Mexico’s socioeconomic growth. It was the time of abrupt junction from one pattern of development, which based on state capitalist protectionist system to another pattern, absolutely different, characterized by an open market economy, free of state participation and control. Almost at the same time, in the mid1990s Mexico joined in NAFTA, seeking to stabilize and accelerate its economic growth, attract new foreign investment and become one of the leading economies of the world. In the article the author analyzes the results of this economic policy and new problems, which Mexico, an emerging giant, has to solve in the present-day situation of financial and economic crisis.
pattern of development, integration, NAFTA, rates of growth, emerging giant countries, BRIC, SPIM, Mexico, world financial and economic crisis/depression, prognosis, ECLAC
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